WTC Consult as general contractor

WTG Main Component Exchange - Sale - Leasing - Purchase of Wind turbines

If WTC Consult carries out the entire project as a general contractor (delivery of the components, complete with crane use, logistics, removal and installation of the components in the nacelle), you get the following advantages:

When buying the project:

  • Warranty up to 24 months, with the option of buying additional warranty time – both on the component and on the change.
  • A better price-performance ratio
  • One contact person and warranty giver

When leasing the project:

  • Leasing period up to 60 months
  • Warranty for the entire leasing period and for the entire project (both for the component and for the change)
  • Better value for money and just
  • One contact person and guarantor

Reliability of the Installation:

We always work with well-known, reliable and experienced maintenance companies who have specialized in the respective wind turbine and have several hundred WTG’s in maintenance and or decades of experience in the exchange of large and main components for the following brands:

Siemens Wind/AN Bonus, GE Wind (Tacke/Enron), Nordex/Südwind, Senvion/REpower (BWU/Jacobs, HSW) und Vestas/NEG Micon (Micon, Nordtank, WindWorld)

General advantages of leasing:

  1. Liquidity-saving, because only one monthly leasing rate
  2. The credit line at the bank is not charged
  3. the leasing amount (the amount of the instalment payment) can be lower compared to a bank loan amount because we include a possible residual value of the component
  4. Great tax and liquidity advantages
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