Offer generator exchange AN Bonus 1300

with an overhauled generator for a Siemens – Bonus 62/1300 kW turbine,

for  49.900 €

net, plus VAT.
With a 2-year warranty, both for the component and for the work of the *exchange.

The offer includes everything: The replacement generator, crane, manpower, logistics, 500 h follow-up inspection, etc.

* With the option of purchasing an extra 12 months warranty for 5% of the invoice amount.

The supplied generator was dismantled and examined, cleaned inside and out, the A and B bearings were replaced and function checked during a test run, etc.

Requirements for the implementation and validity of the offer. Maximum hub height: 68 m

Location of the turbine: In northern Germany (around 200 km around Bremen)

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