Services of WTC

In addition to the procurement of spare parts in general and as a specialist in the replacement of main components,the company WTC offers this – either as

Project Sale (sale of a component exchange)
or as
Leasing of main components.

The financing of the exchange (removal and installation of the unit, crane, logistics and manpower) is included in the project sum.

Assumption of responsibility:
Because our business is based on:

„Delivery of components as well as the exchange as general contractor for third parties”,

That is why there always is the case for us that we are asked for an offer as an alternative , to the maintenance provider of this wind turbine.

As a result, there is a constellation that we cannot be the maintenance provider for the turbine in question. This can raise concerns for some operators about, who is responsible for a problem (which is rare, but can occur after an exchange).

If a problem occurs and this cannot be clearly (100%) attributed to the component or the installation, we will negotiate with the wind turbine maintenance company. In case of doubt, we will cover the costs for correcting the error or for the rectification!

Therefore, there is no (uncomfortable and time-consuming) “shifting back and forth” of responsibility for you between the current maintenance provider of the turbine and us.

For info: After an exchange, peripheral components can show weaknesses or failure because the repaired exchange component provides the full / original performance again.

Project implementation:

Because WTC is a specialist in exchange projects (we have successfully carried out such projects with order volumes of up to € 350,000.00 as project managers for many small and large owners and operators /operating’s companies* for many years), we can assure you that there will be no “distortion of responsibility” from us.

Alsobecause we always act as the third partner in the wind farm in exchange projects, we cannot afford bad assessments – the wind industry is too small for that.

*We are happy to provide references for this on request.

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