Repair Service

„Up Tower Smart Repair“: On-site repairs “everything from a single source”

We offer”Smart Repair“ solutions up in the gondola / nacelle. Below are examples of our partners’ many years of know-how for the following on-site work:

Gearbox standard on-site work:

  • Change of the HSS (high speed stage) bearings and the HSS pinion shaft, and with certain types of gear unit, also the bearings in the IMS (inter medium running stage) and the IMS pinion shaft, as well as bearings in the LSS / slow running stage.
  • Change of the elastomer bearings
  • Worn rubber in the Elastomer bearing, here still installed in the metal block.
  • and where desired, improvement of the suspension in the torque arm.
  • At AN Bonus / Siemens turbines, the improvement consists in exchanging cylindrical bushings, for half-shells: And exchanging the whole metal blocks – to split bearing blocks – in: “Easy Exchange Split Type Blocks” However, upgrades are not available for all Siemens Wind Power WTG’s types.

Generator standard on-site work:

  • Change of A and B bearings

Special work
Machining the gearbox:

  • The machining of play in the bores / bearing seats. In other words, line bores (the inside boring of bearing seats with clearance / play in the seat of the housing), for the HSS bearings and, also for certain gear types, the bores /seats for the IMS pinion shaft: Please ask which types can be used.
  • The spinning out (inside boring) of worn out bolt seats in the gearbox suspension, i.e. of the bolts on which the elastomer bearings are mounted. They are also called vibration dampers, rubber-to-metal or gear clamping bushes. You can see them in front of and behind the torque arm. This problem is very often seen in Bonus MW turbines.

Machining of the generator in the nacelle:

  • Spinning out (again an inside boring) the bearing seat bores, due to play in the bearing seats in the end shield.
  • Turning / milling of the rotor shaft ends / stumps (when the shaft rotates on the inner ring of the bearing).
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