Project references

Extract of references of sales andleasing of main components:

RWE Innogy, Great Britain Sale of used kW gearboxes for AN Bonus / Siemens turbines
Connected Wind Services Sale of refurbished Vestas V80 generator located in Sweden
S/A Energi Sale of used V80 gearbox to Denmark for refurbishing
Vestas/Availon Sale of used drive train (gearbox with main shaft) for GE 1.5s
WP Boddin GbR, Germany Leasing drivetrain (gearbox and main shaft), incl. installation in Vestas/NEG Micon NM1500/64c
ECO Natural S.L., Spain Sale of used 1600 kVA transformers
ENERTRAG WindStrom GmbH, Germany Project sale; Exchange generator, incl. installation in Siemens/ AN Bonus 1.3 wind farm Jahrstedt
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