Purchase of old Wind Turbines

Currently we are looking for Vestas V80, 2 MW- without location

Purchase of old wind turbines – over 20 years
After funding has expired

WTC buys turbines after funding has expired – with and without a location.

Considerations for selling a wind turbine (or a wind farm) are particularly crucial:

  1. if this or these cannot be repowered because this eg. stand outside of new wind suitability areas, or due to new distance rules or because the location has been dedicated as a nature reserve
  2. or this only has a limited / planned operating time – due to dismantling or repowering
  3. or because the full maintenance concept for the turbine is ending, especially when the contract extension makes continued operation uneconomical.

For a further operation, consider your time and costs for e.g. the “continued operation report” by competent experts, as well as to create a durable marketing concept, the high costs for the environmentally friendly disposal of the nacelle, the rotor hub, the wings, the tower, the foundation, etc.

Typically, depending on the size of the WTG, you have to calculate between 50 and € 100,000 for everything.

Ask us – we will offer you a fair market price for your old turbine.

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