If you operate wind turbines that only have a basic maintenance contract and have been in operation for 20 years or soon (and will already or in the near future fall out from funding), it can be very interesting for you if a main component is damaged

to lease them instead of buying .

What advantages does our component leasing offer you?

The big advantage of leasing is that you only have to pay monthly and only for the “rental period”. Since our leasing partner also operates wind turbines, we have created our services from the sight of an operator Therefore, the leasing conditions are very suitable for you, such as our leasing period of up to 60 months.

At us you can lease both the main components (generator, gearbox, rotor blades) as well as the entire amount for the exchange. The components that we do not have in stock we will procure.

If you have some of these components in stock, we may buy them from you (in connection with your own need) and refinance these and rent back to you as

Sale and Lease Back”


Depending on the location and reference of the WTG, many wind turbines in Germany will be excluded from the high EEG subsidy from the 01.01.2021. Then these operators only get the market price offered by the electricity Stock Exchange in Leipzig or Paris. Therefore it can be advantageous, only to pay a monthly lease, instead of the entire sum – in the event of an expensive damage. Furthermore, the leasing rate (the amount of the instalment payment) can be lower compared to a bank loan, because we factor in a possible residual value of the component.

This option is particularly interesting for operators / wind turbines:

  1. whose wind turbines only have a limited / planned operating time (due to dismantling or repowering)
  2. whose wind turbines cannot or should not be repowered
  3. However, these wind turbines have still to be in good condition.
  4. whose wind turbines there are ending the full maintenance contract and for which the contract extension is (often) too expensive

Why you also should lease through us …

We cannot finance cheaper than a bank – but we provide a warranty for the entire leasing period and for the entire project. Furthermore, you do not burden your credit line with the bank.

For the commercial management and / or the tax advisor

When interested, we will be happy to send you an information sheet about the other advantages of leasing. This information sheet also shows the considerable and big tax advantages. We offer our leasing according to the German “real leasing decree”. Therefore is leasing through us, equivalent to a rent in a tax connection. The leasing rate is thus in Germany fully deductible (from both income tax and trade income tax, as this is booked as a business expense).

Thus the leasing offer of our partner fulfils the conditions of an “immediate expense”and consequently you do not have to “shoulder” the “burden” of the 15-year depreciation (or in the planned operating time).

With our partner in the matter of leasing main components for wind turbines, you get “revitalization” for your wind turbine and your company.

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