Evaluation of the operator after the exchange of a generator in a 20 year old one
AN Bonus (Siemens Wind Power) 1.3 MW wind turbine (and after expiry of the German Renewable Energy Sources Act / EEG funding):

„Hello Herr von der Wehl,

Although the 500h maintenance is not yet due after the replacement, I wanted to express our thanks to you today for having carried out the generator replacement on May 18, 2020 “noiselessly” (editor – because it was organized smoothly)

Since then, the wind turbine seems to have been running without any problems, apart from repeated lane departure errors, which have nothing to do with the generator.

We are waiting for the 500h maintenance and we hope that the turbine will continue to run smoothly in the following years.

We will be happy to come back to you if there is a need for action with our other AN Bonus. And also with the other types of turbines.

With best regards

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