Component Exchange as Leasing

In connection with the financing of a leasing object, we offer:

  1. a tailor-made and location-specificcontract offer (A Must for a very good price-performance ratio)
  2. a leasing time of up to 60 months
  3. the procurement of the main wind turbine component (either from our own stock or from third parties)
  4. Sell and Lease back“: Possibility of refinancing your component in connection with your exchange project (sale to us as liquidity improvement for you)
  5. The exchange of the component (complete with crane, logistics, removal and installation of the component in the gondola)
  6. Warranty On the corresponding exchange component during the entire leasing period
  7. Different things, such as obtaining creditworthiness (e.g. by viewing the network billings / settlements for the last two years

Since we cannot exchange components on all types of wind turbines ourselves, if necessary we work with well-known and reliable German maintenance companies who have specialized in the respective makes of manufacturers and types. In this case, we are happy to consult the maintenance company who is servicing the respective wind turbine.

This gives you the advantage – of having only one contact person and guarantee giver.

In the warehouse we try to keep components for the following turbines:

AN Bonus 1.3 MW (Siemens Wind), GE 1.5 MW (Tacke/Enron) and

NEG Micon NM 1500c/64 (Vestas)

In the event, that we do not have these or component makes of other manufacturers in stock, we will take care of the quick procurement.

Depending on if you want this component to be refurbished via us, the repair times for generators are only2 – 4 weeks and for gearboxes in thekW class only up to 4 weeksand from the MW classup to about 7 weeks.

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