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What We Do

Exchange of Main Component: Generators, Gearboxes, Wings

as purchase or lease

Purchase of old Wind Turbines

with and without location

Solutions for On-Site Repairs

as „Up Tower Smart Repair Solutions“ for gearboxes and generators

Competitive Prices

Fast Delivery

Very good

Wind Transmission Consult

WTC – Wind Transmission Consult offers years of experience in field of wind energy, besides the procurement of main components, also the exchange of them (gearboxes, generators, blades), either as:

Project Sale

or as

◊ Leasing

The leasing also includes the sum for the replacement costs – for the entire, complete exchange.

For WTG’s – Wind Turbine Generators from all manufacturers and types.

Extract Sales References

  • CWS, SE
  • Wind Farm Schuby, DE
  • ECO Natural, ES
  • ENERTRAG WindStrom, DE
  • RWE/Innogy, GB
  • S-A Energi, DK
  • Vestas/Availon, DE
  • Wind Farm Boddin GbR, DE


Photos of the generator exchange in wind farm Jahrstedt on an AN Bonus / Siemens 1.3 MW turbine

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